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Vivek Shah

Data Management Systems (DMS) Group
Software, Data, People and Society Section
Department of Computer Science
University of Copenhagen

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Department of Computer Science (DIKU)
University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 5
DK-2100 Copenhagen
Office Address: Sigurdsgade 41, room 2.01

Email: My email

Welcome to my homepage

A Brief History of me

I am a postdoc in the DMS group where my work targets in-memory relational and spatial database systems. Currently I am working with the new database system vision of actor database systems and on projects in precision agriculture. I am interested in building systems especially distributed data driven systems which leverage modern hardware architecture and address problems faced by current application stacks. I am currently examining the design implications of traditional database system mechanisms of concurrency control, logging, query planning and optimization in the context of actor database systems especially ReactDB.

Previously, I was a doctoral student in the APL group within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen where I was supervised by Marcos Vaz Salles and Fritz Henglein. My thesis envisioned the idea of integrating actor programming model in relational database to improve its programmability without sacrificing performance which led to the development of ReactDB. I was also known for trolling the HIPERFIT group.

I finished my M.Sc in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen with a specialization in Programming languages and Systems in November, 2012. I completed my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from NIT Hamirpur in 2008. I was born in Kolkata in eastern India. I grew up and spent my entire childhood and teenage years in the quiet town of Naihati on the banks of the famous mythological river Ganges.


Teaching experiences

Mentoring experiences

In the past I have co-advised 4 B.Sc and 7 M.Sc thesis students.

I am looking for interested B.Sc and M.Sc students interested in building systems. If you are hunting for ideas, look at the project themes on offer in the DMS group. If you have your own ideas for a project or would like to work on one of the outlined project themes, feel free to email or meet me.



Old archived talks

Recent Updates

[16/06/2018]I had a great time talking about our work on ReactDB at SIGMOD 2018 in Houston.

[17/05/2018]We have a list of project themes on offer for interested B.Sc and M.Sc students in the DMS group. Feel free to contact me if you want to work on them.

[01/11/2017]I have now graduated and am working as postdoctoral researcher at DIKU.

[07/06/2015]Looking forward to the summer internship stint at Microsoft Research, Redmond on Orleans.

[07/06/2015]DMSLab now has its first graduated PhD student. A big round of applause for Kostas for defending his dissertation successfully.

[24/11/2014]OSDI 2014 talks, slides, papers can be found here.

[24/11/2014]SOSP 2013 talks are available on youtube.

[06/08/2014]Looking forward to attend VLDB in Hangzhou, China this year.

[13/11/2013]The weeklong Advanced Java workshop course from Nov 11- Nov 15, 2013 just ended.

[06/09/2013]There is an Advanced Java workshop course coming up for interested students from Nov 11- Nov 15, 2013.

[19/06/2013]APL group in DIKU now has a shiny new Freenode channel. Come on #diku-apl if you want to troll.

[24/05/2013]A new systems seminar reading group (will be extended to full blown seminar once we have more people) is starting up. See here. If you are interested, just send an email.

[14/05/2013]I am planning to restart my old blog which I started as a M.Sc student and plan to continue as a PhD student to detail my not so personal experiences in Copenhagen.

[12/05/2013] Looking for Bachelor and Master's students for possible thesis options in systems.

[18/03/2013] I joined the PhD bandwagon in a 3 year sprint to earn a cool degree.

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